9 Reasons You Should Buy a Home on a Park or Open Space
Written by Chris Curry on April 24th, 2019
Here are a few reasons you should buy a home on a park or open space.

#1. Park homes don’t sell for more money - even though they are so much better. If you could find your Dream Home on an Open Space or a Park, would you buy it? They don’t cost any more money, but they are harder to find!

#2. Park Homes are in greater demand than regular homes. Most buyers looking for a home in the Greater Boulder Area ask for a home that backs up to a Park or Open Space.

But, since only about 20% of the homes in the area back up to a Park or Open Space, there aren’t enough available to meet the demand.

In a recent study on the desirability of parks and open spaces, 57% of the people surveyed said they would prefer to buy a home close to an open space or page.

#3. Park homes are a better value because they are more desirable than regular homes. This means they are a lower risk investment because they hold their value better.

We have seen that park homes sell in twice as fast as normal homes. But, our same studies did not show that they sold at a higher price. Where else can you get a more desirable home without paying more!?

#4. Park Homes have more potential for appreciation. They’re not building any new parks or Open Spaces. Many farms and other empty land are threatened by development. Over time there will be less open space available for recreation.

#5. It’s much easier to “Get Outdoors” when you live next to a Park or Open Space! I know this from personal experience. When you’re cooped up in an office all day, you want to get outside and enjoy nature.

I take a walk in the park near my home just about every single day. Ok. Maybe not every day. But, 4-5 times a week. And just about every day during the Summer.

We live in the most active state in America (it’s why I moved here) and therefore many buyers want to live on a Park or Open Space.

#6. Many homes on a Park or Open Space homes have great views of the outdoors.
I’d much rather have this view out my back window! 
This is almost like “corner office” for houses. Everyone fights for the corner office - oftentimes because it has a better view.

But, I think this is more than just a pretty view. I think the nearby amenities are why Park Homes are more desirable.

#7. Privacy. Many homes that are next to an Open Space have privacy because there aren’t as many neighbors cramped in beside you.

Obviously, this depends on the setting. If you live next to Open Space - and not many people walk there - you’ll have plenty of privacy. But, if you live next to a busy park, you won’t have as much privacy.

#8. Kids love living on a park. It’s easy for them to get outdoors. And, if the park has features like a Playground or Skate Park, there is plenty for them to do.

And, it’s good for them as well! A recent study by UCLA showed that Open Space improves the lives of children and the elderly. According to the study, kids that grow up surrounded by nature have 55% less risk of mental disorders.

Another 30 Year Study showed that kids raised on an Open Space had fewer mental disorders later in life.

#9. You get the benefits of a huge yard without the upkeep! I grew up on 16 acres in the country. Life was great - except for the mowing! My parents had 10 kids and lots of mouths to feed.

So, we didn’t always have the best mower! For many years, we used a Walk-Behind Mower to mow about 6-7 acres. Mom always wanted us to mow more and more of the yard. She kept adding more mowing sections and we even mowed walking paths thru the rest of the property.

(If she could have her wish, her yard would look like a Golf Course.) So, what did that mean for me? Because I got the benefit of free room and board, I also got to volunteer to mow the yard. (I didn’t actually volunteer. More like my parents “volunteered” me.)

It took about 5-6 hours each week to mow everything. (We lived in Florida and the grass grew super fast!)

This gave me plenty of time to think. Other people think about the meaning of life. I thought about the meaning of “Mowing.” I mean, why do we do it? Why is it needed? Did God really put us on earth to spend hours every week mowing?  
I’m not a big fan of mowing - after mowing 6-7 acres
as a kid with a walk behind mower. 
I won’t tell you all my thoughts. But, I don’t see the point in mowing 5-6 acres every week. Which is why I think homes on a Park or Open Space are even better.

Many homes back up to hundreds of acres of Open Space. So, you can get that huge yard without the upkeep or expense. Not a bad bargain for a kid who doesn’t like mowing!

Would you like to buy a home on a Park or Open Space? I specialize in helping buyers find their perfect park home. If you’d like my help, then contact me and I’ll go to work to find it for you!

Thanks for reading.


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