How To Get The Best Price When Buying A Home On A Park
Written by Chris Curry on April 24th, 2019
Warning! This article is a little bit of a rant. I’m very passionate about this subject, as you’ll soon see. So, I’m just going to be blunt and speak my mind. So let’s get started.  

I’m sick and tired of buyers being lied to! I’ve heard many people tell buyers that they can’t get a deal on the home they buy. They tell hom buyers, “There are no deals in the Boulder Area. If you want to buy a home, you must full price.”  

They’re wrong. You can find a deal - even in a hot market. I remember helping a buyer who had been told (repeatedly) that he couldn’t get a deal on a home purchase. I worked with him and found him a great deal!  

Here’s how I will help you get a good deal on your dream Park Home:  
  •  I will tell you the seller’s motivation before you ever make an offer. I have a proprietary process I use to gauge the seller’s motivation. This will give you an advantage during negotiations so you can negotiate a better price. 
  •  I’ll coach you during negotiations. For example, the most powerful negotiating tool you have is the willingness to walk away. Now, even if you don’t want to walk away, you can pretend to, and negotiate a better price. 
  •  I’ll help you shop for a better deal. Not everyone talks about this, but the ability to “shop” will help you get a better deal. I’ll search far and wide to bring you more options than anyone else. This gives you a negotiating advantage over other buyers because you’re not attached to any one property.
  •  I love negotiating for my customers. It gives me a thrill. This means that rather than shrinking away when the negotiations, I’m engaged and pushing to get you the best deal possible.
  •  I have a track record of helping buyers get a good deal on their home purchase. Here are a few examples. I helped a real estate investor get two amazing bargains on homes he flipped for a profit. I represented a buyer on negotiations for her dream home. The home was perfect and I saved her an additional $8,000 on the sale price because I kept pushing during the negotiations. 
Every negotiation situation is different. Because of my extensive experience in thousands of negotiations, I’ll give you an advantage during the negotiations. 

Having an experienced negotiator on your side will save you thousands. And, that’s a no brainer when my expertise doesn’t cost you anything. That’s right. I can help you buy your dream Park Home for Free.  

Do you want me to help you find your dream Park Home? Then contact me and I’ll go to work and find it for you!

Thanks for reading.


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