Compare the Park Home Expert to the Average Agent
Chris Curry, the Park Home Expert: 
  •  Focuses 100% of his business on Park Homes. OIf you want to buy a condo on Pearl Street, then I can't help you!
  •  Advanced Knowledge on the Parks and Open Spaces and the Ins and Outs of buying a Park Home.   
  •  Gets you access to more Park Homes because of his extensive database and AI.
  •  Gives you priority access to new park listings because he knows which homeowners are selling before their home ever hits the open market.    
  •  Powerful Negotiation Strategies and experience negotiating thousands of home sales.  
  •  Loves negotiations because I genuinely enjoy the process. (Yes, Chris is a little weird like that.) 
  •  Helps you get the best financing and terms. I’m familiar with all the different loans programs available so you get the best deal on your financing. 
  •  Helps you with Park Home Due Diligence so you don’t buy next to a supposed park that is then developed. I help you double check everything is correct.     
  •  Assists you during the entire process all the way to closing. 
The Average Agent: 
  •  The Average Agent works with any customer - oftentimes even if they have no experience with that type of property. 
  • Limited Knowledge on the intricacies of buying a home on a park or Open Space. 
  •  Limits access to only homes listed for sale on the MLS because that’s the only Park Homes they have. 
  •  Does not give you priority access to new park listings because they don’t know about them, and don't know how to find them.   
  •  Limited Negotiation Experience. Has little knowledge of the different negotiating strategies available.  
  •  Dislikes Negotiations because they are uncomfortable and don't like conflict. .  
  •  Has limited financing knowledge. They usually just send you to their “loan officer” of choice and let them handle everything.  
  •  Doesn’t have any experience with Park Home Due Diligence. If the supposed park turns into a development, then that’s your problem.  
  •  The average agent may disappear after you go under contract. You may not hear from them until closing.  
Do you want Chris to help you find your dream Park Home? Then contact him and he will go to work for you!
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Chris Curry is a licensed Colorado Real Estate Agent with EXP Realty, EXP Realty is an Equal Opportunity Employer and supports the Fair Housing Act.